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Advantages come up when offering formation through an e-learning platform such as important cost reductions vs. in-person formation. Other pros are multimedia resources to facilitate learning.

Adaptability to be educated at anytime at any place, just with Internet connection.

e-xplicate Platform

e-xplicate solution is characterized by its use facility allowing the formation staff of any company, producing and managing the formation needs of a great company.

Our platform allows that only one formation responsible can manage or supervise the follow-up of thousands of students. With powerful filters you could choose groups of students to register in specified grades, distinguishing registration dates and expiration of every student.

The system will be automatically in charge of alerting and reminding students of their obligations through alerts and reminders by e-mail and sms.

From the student’s point of view, they will count on a platform to access from any device, including total compatibility with iPad, Mac, PC, SmartPhone and Tablet. They will simply control their assigned grades, their state and the expire dates. With a simply interface you could use all learning material, complete the lessons and make the corresponding tests or exams.

m-learning on your Tablet


Some features of e-xplicate

  • Simple, powerful and intuitive interface
  • Total compatibility, any browser on any device (including iPad)
  • Simplicity of use for the student and teacher
  • Easy management of thousands of students in hundreds of grades
  • Creation of teaching material in a simply way from the same platform
  • Direct import of PowerPoint, LibreOffice and Scorm grades
  • Possibility of definition of terms through lesson slides and audio playing
  • Automatic alerts and reminders by e-mail or sms
  • Collaboration tools for formations
  • Easy management of questions, tests and exams
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